Friday, March 12, 2010

no comment

Sun been down for days
A pretty flower in a vase
A slipper by the fireplace
A cello lying in its case

Soon she's down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up

And she fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And she goes...
Nobody knows


Josh said...

I doubt that there is a single thing that I can say to help, but may I say this, Katie... the things that make you wonderful are more than the things of this evening.

"For what it's worth, I thought you looked great."

- J

Garrett said...

Paul Richardson (Paul & Olga Paul) once told me:

"Always blame the floor. If you can't blame the floor, blame the music. If you can't blame the music, blame your partner. If you can't blame your partner, blame the floor."

I think that at least one of those should be applied in your case. Have confidence and tear it up during Latin!!

Ashlan said...

I'm confused. I've never been too good at reading into poems though. Can I ask what happened?
You should call me. We need to catch up anyway. ;) you have my number! :)