Monday, March 29, 2010


Am I so wrong to believe it's not necessary for me to feel like I have to "fight for my life" (a la "Her Morning Elegance) every single day? It would be nice, just once, just one day this stupid, miserable, torturous semester to go to bed knowing that I did all I could and I can sleep in peace.

I stayed up all night minus the two hours I feel asleep on the couch writing my paper and therefore am allowed to wax overdramatic. I don't believe there are many things more depressing than seeing your unslept in bed the next morning.

The paper is still not finished.


amanda and dave said...

tis true. I'm so sorry! Does knowing you have a present help??

Jody Lynn said...

trust me katie, i know how you feel.

i am seriously dying.

except i think you have it worse because i'm actually sleeping...

i think we should party in 3 weeks. what say ye?

kylie said...

oh katie i'm so sorry. this really is such an awful time of semester. i believe in you! let's go get indian food after all this crazyness is done, ok?

Kimkidoni said...

I'm so sorry Katie! You can do it though.