Friday, January 1, 2010

...and I feel fine

So yesterday I dyed my hair blonde again and had a conservative trim with some new side bangs. They were just the right length to drive me insane, so on a whim inspired by the change of a new year and new decade...well...I told Becky to give me bangs.

I am happier with this look than my expression in the picture makes me seem.

I spent my New Year's Eve in high waist jeans, rocking half boots, and 3D glasses from "Avatar" (which, ps is visually stunning, awesome movie) that I punched the lenses out of and then proceeded to paint with sparkly nail polish.
And then I partied hard with ballroom and high school friends. What could be better than a game of murder in the dark/dancing to "It's the End of the World As We Know It" to ring in 2010?


amanda and dave said...

love it! sounds so fun!

brown eyed girl said...

ooh I like it! :)

will you be mad if I say you look a lot like Becky in that picture? You shouldn't be, she's adorable :).

Kimkidoni said...

Nothing, my friend. Nothing can be better.