Monday, January 18, 2010

All of my saving tendencies went out the window

I invested in retail therapy and bought myself the coat rack.
Except in white, so I feel a little bit more conservative and more responsible (it can be used in any room!).

Also, I invested in membership in the American Chemical Society today so that I can go to the national meeting in San Francisco in March. And I'm getting 52 issues of Chemical and Engineering News out of it.

While I'm recounting all of my expenses to the world, I'll just add in the fact that my roommates and I went to Vegas/St. George this weekend. And we ate at the Spice Market Buffet (to the tune of $22/plate), which had awesome chocolate mousse, but severely heat and flavor lacking curry. We window shopped at the Bellagio, and I bought a deck of cards that had been used in play at Caesar's Palace (check that one off the life goal list). And I bought a shirt at Urban Outfitters that says, "French Toast" on it and has a picture of a piece of toast wearing a beret and saying, "Bonjour!" It's quite adorable, and somewhat clever.

Now I need to get back on task and read about 18th century France. Un peu de Voltaire anyone?

Oh and maybe sometime soon I'll write about my classes. Preferably when I don't feel like crying over chem 465...2.67/10 on a quiz? Kill yourself!!!*

*And give yourself a gold star if you know where that quote is from.


Jen said...

"who is Josh Groban?!"

kylie said...

sounds like an awesome fun weekend! also, i support your purchases.
100 %