Saturday, January 30, 2010

paper cranes

*sorry for the weird spacing/formatting. I wrote this up last night in word when I didn't have internet and the transfer to here was a little...messy.

New Goal:

Make enough washi eggs to fill a cute vessel from IKEA.

I think it’s time for Asian craft night, no?

Also, I’m rather proud of myself looking back on this week.

Why, might you ask?

1. Inner tube water polo. The valiant Deprotonators lost, but it sort of felt like a personal victory anyway, because I did something totally new and scary to me-a sport. Ahhh. But it was fun, and I was an okay midfielder, so there you go!

2. Chemistry magic show. Sara and I went to an elementary school to do two chemistry demos as part of Y Chem’s outreach program. We got to drive a Prius courtesy of the university. It was glorious. The shows went really well too. So well in fact that I am dying to do another one. Preferably at Abby’s (and my old) elementary school.

3. Late night chemistry. I spent almost every night at the chemistry building past eleven, which meant I made good use of my after hours pass (another reason why it rocks to do undergraduate research). I am still at a loss of what exactly to do for my review paper topic, but I’m narrowing it down…sort of…now it’s something along the lines of how SnO2’s surface chemistry contributes to its function as a gas sensor and catalyst.

Anyway, now I’m in Idaho doing a couple of performances with the team. It is freezing and the wind has yet to stop blowing, but the audience was great, and I got up in my shining moment of a lift at the beginning of the latin medley, so it’s all good. The above washi egg goal was inspired by the family I’m staying with tonight. They have a basket of them in their entry way, and when the wife told me her daughter-in-law and grandkids made them, I thought to myself, why not me too?

Thus my obsession with Asia continues.


amanda and dave said...

I googled the eggs...they are so cool! I can't wait to see them! :)

Nice job on the water polo...if you have more games you must let me know. I must see this!

have fun in idaho! love ya!

Diane said...

wow! quite a week girl! I'm impressed. By the way since we can't call you...I'll tell you here. YOur brother won battle of the bands tonight and it was awesome!

Diane said...

also I want to see you play water polo. I'm so amazed that you have the guts to try something so different than anything else you've done....yea Katie my amazing awesome daughter!

Jody said...

obsession with india and now asia. what's next? ha. can i join your asia craft night!?