Saturday, January 9, 2010

In My Place

I survived my first week of school:

7 classes (team, Blackpool rehearsal, culture class, French civ (1700's-present), p chem part II, p chem lab, chem lit)

4 dinner group dinners (see our blog for some awesome recipes!)

2 bookstore fortification treat trips

2 new members of the ballroom dance company in my apartment (yay Kellie and Laura!!)

100 people at our dance party

1 trip to an awesome used bookstore on Center Street

1 "Treasury of American Poetry" purchased from above bookstore

10 episodes of Book 2 of "Avatar: the Last Airbender" watched

1 talk written for sacrament meeting tomorrow (ahhhh!)

All in all, a pretty decent start to the semester!
I think I might need to purchase all three seasons of Avatar. Or...get one for my birthday. Hint, hint...Mom...hint...

1 comment:

amanda and dave said...

100 people! saweeeeet! :)

hope your talk went well!