Friday, January 22, 2010

You failed to hold my attention Atkins' Physical Chemistry, and now look what I've gone and done:

I realized I have some random favorites:

Favorite poet: William Carlos Williams (who, by the way, gives their child a first name that is equal to their last name minus a letter? I don't even care because his poems are so awesome.)
Favorite composer: Chopin (this is random because I'm not even really a music person, as in I can play about 5 hymns on the piano and am anti-choir. I just really like his nocturnes.)
Favorite author of sort of dumb young adult novels: Sarah Dessen (read The Truth About Forever if you're ever in the mood for some good chick lit)
Favorite yogurt: yoplait light harvest peach or pineapple upside down cake

Once upon a time in high school Kim and I were talking about a book we had read wherein the characters all had really bizarre quirks, such as always shaking up pop so it could be drunk sans carbonation. Or in Amelie where the flight attendant loves the clink of the cat's bowl on tile and Amelie loves sticking her hand in things of beans or other small objects. We bemoaned the fact that people aren't really like that in real life. Everyone is so normal and boring, we said.

But...the more we thought about it, the more we realized that's not true at all. I think the better you get to know someone, the more unique you will realize they are. Everyone is weird in some way or another; everyone has their own odd combination of favorites and habits and perspectives. Some people are just better at hiding their weirdness than others. Or maybe sometimes we just don't care enough to see what their unique qualities are.

This was originally going to be a post about how I want a Chopin CD for my birthday.
Silly 1:00 am posts.
I ought to go to bed earlier.

*on Chopin CDs, my soon approaching birthday (as in two months away, I am never one to shy away from announcing it as it gets closer), staying up too late, weird favorites you have, people and being unique, chick lit, French films, to me, people!


amanda and dave said...

I like this post. I think you're right. It probably takes longer because in a movie they make it obvious/announce it, you know?

Can't wait for the celebration of your birthday. yay!

also, excited for cupcakes!

love ya!

Jody Lynn said...

haha...i am beginning to like 1:00 a.m katie. this post was way random. speaking of how everyone is normal and boring, i think people are different late at night. i know a different side of me is always shown after midnight. :)

hey...i have an idea. you should come and learn how to crochet with amanda and me on sunday night. austi is going to teach us. i want to see you!

also, i would really like to see you on your birthday.

Jody Lynn said...

One more thing: Where did you get your hands on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" books on dvd? I would really like to watch them now that you've given approval. :)

I know where I can watch book 1, but the others...I'm at a loss...

Matt said...

I agree that people are very quirky, unique, and different. They just don't show that part of themselves to everyone.

Jen said...

Re: Chopin. I own all of his recorded works. Just nocturnes? I will happily oblige and I'll throw in some pieces you'll probably also like :)

brown eyed girl said...

I love Chopin nocturnes! :) I wish I had more classical music..I should spend some money expanding that part of my collection.

Random favorite of mine--
favorite sound: the sound of typing on a keyboard in movies. Particularly You've Got Mail.

Kimkidoni said...

Hey, you namedropper you. Just kidding, I'm not famous... yet...