Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's 4:20 already?!

Currently: avoiding homework while listening to Natalie watch the football game.

Should be: typing up a paper for American Christianity. Or reading for p chem or physics. Or studying physics. Or writing a French paper.

Want to be: sleeping. Or eating Mexican food. One of the two would be awesome.

Earlier: Saw "Pan's Labyrinth". Sort of liked it. Didn't like how arbitrary the tasks Ophelia had to do were. Liked the creepiness and *****SPOILER ALERT******** stop reading right here and right now if you'd like to find out for yourself what happens in the movie***********

the fact that practically everyone dies. (Now that you think I'm a creeper, let me explain. It's sometimes more powerful when the main character dies because you don't expect it to happen. They're the main character, they have to live. And the fact that the villain gets what he deserves and dies too was satisfying to me.)

Am now going to: take some tylenol and go back to reading. meh.

Go cougars!


brown eyed girl said...

I'm glad we went to see it! It was interesting, and some parts of it definitely creepy. I'm hoping I don't dream of the creepy Turkey Guy with Hand-Eyes...

Vae Gannon said...

Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, ever. I'm pretty excited about the directer, Guillermo Del Torro, also doing the Hobbit.

Anonymous said...

Great movie! It carries a lot of interesting themes. I think that I am a little bit surprised that you liked it. But, kinda not surprised at all. Go figure.

Tedi said...

That movie was creepy! It gave me nightmares I might add. I was upset that the main character did die. :(