Monday, September 14, 2009

I did a very good job of avoiding homework today.

I found this little poem while perusing Jacques Prévert's poetry in search of something I could use for a French assignment. I think it's really beautiful and rather sad:


Entre les rangées d'arbres de l'avenue des Gobelins
Une statue de marbre me conduit par la main
Aujourd'hui c'est dimanche les cinémas sont pleins
Les oiseaux dans les branches regardent les humains
Et la statue m'embrasse mais personne ne nous voit
Sauf un enfant aveugle qui nous montre du doigt.

Translation: (this is just my own, so forgive my mistakes)
Between the rows of trees of the avenue of Gobelins
A marble statue took me by the hand
Today is Sunday, the movie theaters are full
The birds in the branches watch the humans
And the statue kisses me, but no one sees us
Except a blind child who points at us.

Well drat, now my formatting's all off, but that's okay. I especially like the end-"no one sees us but the blind child"-quelle antithèse!
Anyway, now I'm going to go read my uber dry American Christianity textbook. But, I am not complaining. :)


amanda and dave said...

oh boy, am I good at that too. I like the poem! So good...and sad!

Jody Lynn said...

i successfully avoided my textbooks today as well...

even more reading FUN for later!