Monday, September 28, 2009

high and dry, i am so sorry

I have tried and tried and tried to sum it up, to find something that says it better than I can, but I have already used up my most depressing French poem, and all of the lyrics to the songs we loved are far too happy.

Dear World,

Could you please be nice to me this week? I think one more thing might leave me undone.




Kimkidoni said...

I'm sorry love. You can do it.

Also, about that Pan's Labyrinth things. I read a book once where the main character died halfway through and it still kept going. It was pretty awesome. Anyways, I'll have to watch that movie sometime.

brown eyed girl said...

hopefully the fortune from my cootie catcher comes true and you'll have a good week! :)

I hope you know this but: I'm here for ya. Just two doors down :)

amanda and dave said...

that was said so romantically tragic. I'm really sorry, I hope things feel better and nothing else happens. Call me if you need me!

Amy said...

Dear Katie,
I will try and not make life difficult for you this week. But sometimes its hard for me. Just know that you have so many friends who love you and will help you if I don't make it easier.


kylie said...

i will do my best to send good vibes your way. it's the least i can do. :)
to quote shakespeare, "when sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions."
sometimes everything happens all at once and it's really overwhelming. just keep swimming!

Sara said...

<3 I still owe you that fudge :)