Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hey self that loves school. i need you to come back now.

I have never started a school year feeling so unsettled, so unready to devote my life to academics (as you can tell by the past couple of posts).
It's pretty darn painful. I decided to drop my dad's 455 class, and I'm really upset about it. I think it's the smartest thing for me to do right now, but gosh, I very much wanted to take a class from him. I don't know if I'll get another chance to do so in the future. I loved being in his lecture this morning, for my last time in 455 of this semester, watching him teach. That's my dad, I kept thinking, so full of pride to be his daughter. He was whipping out the mechanism to make asprin from benzene and explosives from acetone, toilet bowl cleaner, and peroxide, throwing out types of reactions faster than I could write; he was great. I wish I had the opportunity to continue to see him like that.

I'm really, really, really going to miss it.

Bring it on chem 462, physics 220, french 340, religion 353, and dance 485R.
You have a lot to make up for.


Josh said...

Don't worry Gorgeous, you're hit your stride here in a bit. Beginnings are always a beast. Believe you me!

The start of this semester = Ugh!

Josh said...

you'll hit your stride in a bit!

I hate typos.

amanda and dave said...

That stinks you can't take it from your dad. he sounds like a fabulous teacher. (too bad I'd have zero chance at a class!)

I hope you get a chance later! Good luck my dear!

amanda and dave said...

p.s., dave discovered that the fish will follow your mouse AND you can feed them.

coolest. thing. ever.


brown eyed girl said...

I'm sorry, Katie :(. I hate schedule stress.

You'll do great, and hopefully you will get to take your dad's class next fall!

Diane said...

how come he never makes that kind of cool stuff at home? oh yea we don't store caustic chemicals around the house....you'll get another chance to take a class from him and if not maybe you and he could arrange some kind of private lecture thing..... Don't kill yourself off. Also it's ok if you take forever to graduate. Jenny will need a roommate in a few years!

Josh said...

HAHAHAAA! I love your Mom!