Thursday, September 24, 2009

fly like paper

Dear World,

Today I played around with the idea of double majoring in French and chemistry. Am I crazy?

Ambitiously yours,



amanda and dave said...

freeeeeaking love the new layout and picture! isn't playing with everything so much fun?

You are so smart. I bet you could do it. Rock on lady.

Amy said...

yes, I do believe so.

Suzy said...

yes you are crazy. but we love you anyway, and isn't that what makes life more fun? plus, with faith, friends, and food - hey, you can do anything.

Kimkidoni said...

Fun layout, but rape? Ha ha.

Also, you can do it.

Katya said...

hahaha i saw that too kim. i was like...uh...i suppose not all of these words are really representative of me...oops..