Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THE back to school post

Hey happy blogging buddies. Seeing as it's the third week of school, I suppose it's about time I got around to writing this. I worked very hard to be taking only 14 credit hours this semester, and you know what, I have a lot of time that I'm not spending in class. It's quite nice. I don't know if I'll be able to do this again, but I'm sure enjoying it.

As for classes, I'm only taking four that aren't dance:

Chem 462- Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
This is probably my favorite class. The professor is super engaging and really good at making something completely obscure and very difficult conceptually easy to "get familiar with" which, combined with twice a week study/homework sessions with my friends, has led to me somewhat "understanding" the material. I think anyway. My first test is next week so we'll see...

Physics 220- Electricity and Magnetism
I swear, I have never learned anything from attending a physics lecture. This semester seems no different. Once again, I'm hoping the physics gods will smile upon me if I can keep my distaste for the subject hidden. It's bearable because my chemistry friends are in it too.
And it's the last physics class I will ever have to take!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!

Rel 353- American Christianity
I think history/social studies was the one subject I never really did enjoy through junior high and high school, so although the subject matter is not incredibly appealing, the professor is CRAZY entertaining, so I like it. Plus Josh is in that class, so you know, that's always good too.

Fren 340- French Literature
So far, it's all right. I got a 97 on the first paper I wrote, and it was not particularly good, so this bodes well for the rest of the semester. It's just fun to listen to French, speak French, read French, write French.

Overall, I love this semester. I think I'm maybe (?) getting a clearer idea of what I want to really study...maybe biophysical chemistry? We shall see.
I'm really liking all of my classes (okay, actually that's a lie when applied to physics), I love the fact that Y Chem is going to be awesome this semester, ballroom is going well (the 3 couple cha-cha I'm in, kid you not, is my absolute favorite routine I've ever been in, and I think you should all come to our concert in April so you can see it because it is going to be sahweet), I'm still dating Josh (in case you were wondering...), I have an iPod that works again (!!), I finally got a parking sticker for a Y lot, World of Dance is over, and all of a sudden this list morphed into a grateful list which sort of deserves its own post, so I'll stop it right there.

Hope the school year is going well for all of you as well!
Happy Tuesday! :)


kylie said...

i've been expecting this post from you for a while. :)
also, good job in world of dance!

amanda and dave said...

very nice! glad to hear all is well (except for maybe the physics).

You don't need stickers for Y lots anymore, right? I suppose it doesn't matter but...

So excited for the three couple cha-cha. mmm. :) love you!

Kimkidoni said...

Physics should die.

Josh said...

I can't wait to see this cha cha! That and I'm glad we're still dating. ...not that I was wondering. ;)

amanda and dave said...

yeah katie, she's like a perfect "female role model"...I love it. You are definitely on your way to being her...

but you are actually my best friend :) hehe