Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I overheard when talking to myself

One year ago:
I was full of excitement and fear and anticipation for college. I was devastated to lose most of my friends to other schools. The thrill of being a valedictorian, national merit scholar, and rocking my AP tests was just beginning to wear off, and I was scared for chemistry.
I didn't even know how to use a balance.

Now I can run XRDs in my sleep.

I was thinking about that yesterday, how much has changed in just one year, how much I've learned at college. At the same time though, coming back and living at home and being with all those friends I felt like I lost has shown me that things maybe haven't changed as much as I thought. We slid right back into old routines of watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and hanging out whenever we didn't have work and I don't know...it's all so easy. I missed you guys last year, I really did. I missed that feeling of being with a big group of friends who have all known each other for years and who have so many memories together. It doesn't feel like we have to do some huge activity every time we're together unlike when you meet new people and if you don't have something to do it gets awkward fast. With us it's so comfortable.
Bah. It's almost over. Can you believe it's nearly August? I'm really excited to go back to school...I just wish you were all coming with me.

You know what, I really like Garrison Keillor's writing style. I completely disagree with him politically, but I like his style.

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