Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Television Without Pity

I'm convinced.

This is not a dance competition anymore. It's a "who's got the best personality/who's the hottest/who does Nigel like the most" competition.

I cannot believe how blatantly manipulated everything is. I do not think it's any coincidence that Kourtney and Matt got a hiphop and a salsa routine, two routines where you have to get "down and dirty" when the judges tell Matt week after week that he's "too stiff" and "too high" (which is absolute bull crap...oh my greatness, Matt is such a gorgeous dancer). Matt could dance the most amazing routine in the world and the judges would still hate it. They're so predictable. Every week they tell Matt he sucks. Every week they tell Will he's a genius. Every week they tell Jessica she's not as good as Will. Every week they overly praise Katee and Joshua. EVERY FLIPPING WEEK. If you watched the first episode the whole way through, you could just skip the judges' remarks for the rest of the season. And how about the fact that Mary seems to have forgotten that she's the ballroom expert? When was the last time she made a comment that demonstrated that? All she ever says is what Nigel says with some screams thrown in for fun.
Another thought: can we please fire all of the hair/makeup/costume people? Honestly, we have had some seriously hideous things parading on stage (like Katee's hair from tonight's episode. What were they thinking?!) Oh, and how about the half dresses from last week? Real classy, Nigel, real classy. If you look at me from a certain angle, it looks like I'm not wearing anything at all! Yay! Great for family tv!!! (and this is coming from a ballroom dancer who's seen her share of skimpy costumes so I have a really high tolerance for that kind of thing. But on prime time? Come on, my little sisters watch this show.)

GAhhhh, it makes me so angry. I'm so sad. My favorite show is not so favorite anymore.

But I'll keep watching it anyway.


Ash said...

hm... i agree with you to an extent although they kept matt which because his solo was brilliant which it was so they dont always say he sucks but yeah they definitely rip him apart more then deserved. I am so sick of mary's screams i could kill her haha ok not really but really she acts like she doesn't have a brain or something. as for joshua and katee.. well i love them so i guess im biased when it comes to whether or not the judges praise them too much. also, i HATED katee's hair tonight in mia's dance. so ugly! and i also agree they've had some crappy costumes this year not to mention all of cat deely's hideous outfits as well :P

Katya said...

haha that is true about Matt. i watched last thursday's episode last night after I wrote this post...whoops...and I really like katee and joshua too, but sometimes i think they get more praise than they deserve. like that broadway piece. it was really good, but all the judges were freaking out like it was the best routine they'd ever seen. meh.

Ash said...

yeah i agree about the broadway routine being overly praised but oh well... unfortunately the whole dance world is political!!! :P

.kelceylou. said...

katie. why did matt have to go home? he was bloody brillant! i'm sad now. my dearest matt got the axe. :( but i totally agree this season freaking stinks with what they're saying to the dancers. it's not even a dance competition it's a personality contest. and why do they feel like they have to rip jessica a new one every week?! i think she's a brillant dancer too. sure probably not as good as her partner but he was trained by debbie allen. gah. i hate the show but i love the show. i can't stop watching.