Friday, July 25, 2008

THE Cruise Post

Cruises are weird.
Every day our "stateroom attendant" would come in and clean our rooms and fold our towels into different animals. We got a monkey, an elephant, and a person sunbathing.
One night at dinner our maitre d' announces that all of our servers have a special performance for us. The song "Feeling hot, hot, hot" comes on and in parade our servers dancing with various objects on their heads (dessert plates, vases, bowls, etc). Then the macarena comes on and he invites us all to get up and dance!!!! It was really funny actually. The night after our servers sang this one Italian song that supposedly everyone knows, but I don't...
Every chance they could, the cruise photographers had backdrops and things set up so they could snap our pictures and then charge us an arm and a leg to buy them. Every night was like the prom. People would be all dressed up, lined up to get their photo taken before going in to dinner.
Sometimes it felt like I was at EFY. There were all of these activities planned out every day for people to participate in and have lots of FUN!!! Also, about an hour after we boarded we had an emergency drill where we all got herded around wearing these life jackets that were probably from the 1940's and wouldn't hold up anyone if we had to abandon ship. We all lined up and headed up to the proper decks with cruise employees directing our path just like EFY.
The Windjammer where we ate breakfast, lunch, and late night pizza smelled like burnt crayons and wet rags.

Cruises are fun.
Food was constantly available. Breakfasts had every possible breakfast food item you could possibly want (and some that you definitely didn't...grits, anyone?). Dinner was like eating out at a top quality restaurant every night. Pizza was available in the Windjammer until 2 AM. Bartenders were always walking around willing to get a drink for anyone. Room service was free since we'd already paid for all of this food with our ticket.
Sure, the two pools were filled with salt water, but even that was kind of part of the fun. It was like the ocean minus creepy seaweed and sharks.
There were all of these excursions you could sign up to do. I signed up to snorkel! It was the most bizarre feeling, sticking your head under water and breathing air...I had to remind myself to stop holding my breath. I saw orange geribaldi, petted (? maybe poked is a better word) a sea cucumber, and saw a bunch of other fish. I managed to avoid sea weed and other aquatic plants, thank goodness.
Our tv had a million movie channels all showing "Enchanted" and "National Treasure 2" in different languages. I watched them both in French for a while, which for me is definitely a fun activity. Also, E True Hollywood Story was on every night and Becky and I would watch it until we fell asleep. We learned all about the lives of Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, and Vanessa Williams (totally didn't know she was Miss America).
I saw dolphins. A whole entire pod of them was swimming near the ship while I was walking out on one of the decks. They were so beautiful!

Cruises are eye-opening.
On the dining staff alone were people of almost thirty different nationalities. We had servers from Panama, India, and the Philippines. The passengers were equally varied. I overheard native French speakers on several occasions, much to my pleasure.
Living where I do, people don't really ever....I don't think I'd ever been around drunk people before the cruise. People drank pretty much all the time on it though. The "general store" on the ship was 5/8 alcohol, 2/8 cigarettes, and 1/8 candy. Drunk people doing karaoke...I have to admit, it's kind of entertaining.
We got to visit another country!! Going to Mexico was really interesting. We got to go shopping in all of the little stores packed with touristy items (and shirts saying the F word...not sure those are big sellers, but whatever...)and haggle with the sales people and whatnot. The best part: seeing a huge Mexican flag flying and realizing that we were definitely not in America anymore. So cool.

Anyway, cruises are pretty darn fun. I love the feeling of the boating rocking in the water. I love the gorgeous sunsets with the light reflecting off the ocean. I had a blast. :)


kylie said...

katie that sounds like so much fun!!!!

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I saw a show about the towel animals on the Travel Channel!