Monday, July 14, 2008

Bon Voyage!

In 48 minutes, more or less, I'll be departing for the harbor for my cruise! I've never been on one before, so I'm very excited, even if it is just a small one along the coast of California and Baja Mexico. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll get tan...the tanner I get naturally, the less fake stuff I have to put on next month before my Vegas comp.
Anyway, I went to Urban Outfitters this morning. It is quite the cute little shop. It sort of reminds me of an edgier Anthropologie with guys' clothing too. They had really cute home furnishings and kitchen accessories and things. I noticed these Obama and Hillary mugs, so I went over to see if they had a McCain one, and yep, I found one. Too bad it was an ANTI McCain mug. What the heck? Democrats aren't the only ones who like quirky, funky stores. Young Republicans can like that kind of stuff too! So why are you only catering to them? That annoyed me a bit, but I put it aside to enjoy the really cute lampshade with black velvet birds all over it (sounds retarded, but it was cute, trust me), and the mouse cheese grater. Maybe I'll write them a letter, just to see if I'd get any sort of response back. I'll look into that when I get home.
36 minutes left now. This may my last post for the next week, so au revoir, mes amis! I'll be seeing you! Check out Urban Outfitters if you can (even if they are totally politically biased). Loves!

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Jody Lynn said...

Hope you have fun Chica! See you in a week!