Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I could not think straight enough to come up with a title for this post. Pick your own.

Hello from beautiful California!!

Actually, since I'm visiting in July the weather is exactly the same as back home. BUT, there are lots more palm trees and kitschy old houses so I'll stick with my original statement.
I'm at my grandma's house using her computer which has....dial...up...internet...(remember my rant about slow internet from a little while ago? I think this is my payback...)

You know what, I don't think I've ever really been in LA as a touristy-tourist. First of all, whenever I come with my family we always stay with my grandma, never in hotels. We go to beaches that are unknown and not crowded, we only do the Disneyland thing every few years, I've only been to Hollywood once and it was because my uncle really wanted to go, and we always go to Griffith Park. Who on earth comes to LA and then goes to Griffith Park? How many people have even heard of Griffith Park? Exactly, I bet none of you have. That's because it's not a touristy-tourist attraction. I don't even know what the touristy-tourist attractions are here. I know there's a 7-11 around the corner and where all the cool rock caves are on Leo Cario (spelling...?) beach and which famous paintings are in the Hunting Gardens gallery, but that's about it. Oh, and I know about the pony ride at Griffith Park. It's a real treat. I had to do some major research for my trip in a few weeks with my friends here to figure out what normal tourists do in LA. It's kinda nice actually. I can only handle so much Disneyland. Coming here is what a vacation is supposed to be: unplanned, relaxed, wake up late (which I do anyway at home actually since I can set my own hours), go to a quirky museum or a random concert, get some shopping done, go home feeling refreshed.

Question: capitalization or no capitalization on facebook? I honestly cannot make up my mind. (Did I already write a post on this? I can't remember.) No capitalization is nice and informal, but it can also come off as unintelligent. Capitalization makes you look like a grammarian (so long as the rest of what you're saying is correct I guess), but it also feels a little uptight unless you throw in a million smilies or ellipses (which I do anyway whether I'm capitalizing or not...see?) to lessen the blow. I usually just go with whatever the person I'm talking to does, but that's a little wishy-washy. I should just make up my mind once and for all. Am I a capitalizer or not? Hmm...

I have spent far too much time in a vehicle with six other people today.


kylie said...

have fun in california! i love that place. p.s. yes, why didn't i know you went to a relient k concert?!?! i'm so jealous!!!

Ash said...

hmm well for us less intelligent people like myself i go with the un capitalization route on facebook cause i dont have a reputation to uphold so i dont have to look smart :D hehe haha good luck choosing for yourself and have a great time in cali!

Jody Lynn said...

I always capitalize. It bugs me when it doesn't look right. haha! Have fun in Cali, but save some of the fun for our little trip. :) Loves!

amanda said...

Being in the car for that long is brutal. Sounds so much fun.

Yeah, I just usually copy the person I'm talking to (just so, you know, I don't look like a snob) but I think more than not I capitalize. I mean, they can't hold it against you can they? You're taught to write that way. He he. ur cl. HAGS.

Sick. :) :) .... :)

Katya said...

I found out that it's Leo Carillo, not Leo Cario. Spanish, no?