Monday, July 21, 2008

I love it when the weather matches my mood.

I'm in a really meh mood right now so I do not want to gush about my vacation.
I guess I sort of forgot about the competitive aspect of team over the summer. I really hate the feeling of trying to be better than everyone else so that you get chosen to do the comp or be in that routine or get that spot. I hate it!

Ok, so I'm overreacting, and it's the first rehearsal of the year, and there will be many more, and Embassy's not until the 28th, but still!
The email I wish I could send to my director (highly censored, you never know who reads these things):
Dear [director],
I do not understand why you put me in this medley since the choreography is obviously so awkward on me. May I also remind you that I haven't even taken a [particular dance style] technique class yet? I respectfully ask to be moved to the [other medley], which is so much more of my style and body positioning. I'm not sure how you missed that during the auditions. Maybe my height is a problem? Although I know of three girls on the other medley who are the exact same height as me. Just saying.
Thank you very much,

And yes, I'm very grateful to even be on the team. I cried when I found out I made it I was so happy. I'm just not feeling the love for this medley right now! So shoot me. Meh.


amanda said...

I think that's dumb you can't be in the [medley] you'd be best at...but I bet you'll get it :) I do hope the weather clears up though!

Jody Lynn said...

Just think about it as a way to learn something new. You can only get better at something by practicing, and that includes doing the things you don't really want to do.

Special K said...

Don't worry this medley is a little awkward for all of us. You did great today and if you don't get moved you'll look great doing it. For the sake of the latin team I hope you don't get moved. :)