Sunday, April 29, 2012

as crafty as i get

I think I'll leave it up until my birthday (next March), and just replace Aaron with Katie. Also, I think the outlet + cable jack is a nice touch.
(That reminds me, freshman year of college we used to put up all sorts of decorations for birthdays. I think Kristen's birthday was the first that semester and her nickname was K-Bob, so we put up a "Happy Birthday K-Bob!" banner. Once it was Lauren's birthday we just replaced the K with L, even though no one ever called Lauren L-Bob. We also lit birthday candles by holding q-tips against the stove burners and lighting them on fire because we were either too lazy or cheap to buy matches. Safety!)


Becky said...

I LOVE IT! hahaha. You should definitely leave it up all year because aaron loves his birthday so much.

amanda said...

haha! I love it! also, I think leaving it up is a great idea. or, you could always, like, frame your cable jack? just an idea. tell me what you think of it.

ahhhh freshman birthday decorations were the bomb. I never even thought about buying matches, just that we weren't allowed to light candles. hmm.

wildchild said...

haha i love the banner. it's cute! and yup, definitely keep it up for you. my brother's b-day is the end of june and my sister's is the beginning of july, so mom keeps up the birthday banner and table cloth in between. it's like a celebration for 3 weeks straight. ha

Kristen said...

How did we even come up with the idea to light q-tips on the burner? Good times... :-)