Thursday, June 9, 2011

you like?

 We have a few items that we don't need to take with us to Philadelphia, and I would hate to throw them away/give them to DI, because I love them. So, would you like them?

A green leaf shower curtain from Target! (the color is much cuter than this photo makes it appear!)

Queen sized bedding set! It's Aaron's little sister's set that we never used because we got some other bedding and none of our sheets match (they're all grayish). Anyway, the set is really cute and kind of bohemian. Again, the colors are cuter in real life (teal, berry pink, light brown). There are three throw pillows, four pillowcases, and a comforter.

If you'd like to add either [set] of items to your personal collection free of charge, just let me know! :)


amanda said...

hmm, we'd take the curtain! (and our bathroom is green/brown so dave can't not like it!)

haha, sorry i kind of feel like I'm bumming off ya...but hey, if you'll give it to us...

Jody Lynn said...

hmmm...i might want to take a look at that bedding. i'm about ready to throw away my down comforter because it's leaking feathers all over my room!