Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[insert vague song lyrics here]

When TOMS donates shoes to kids in developing countries, I hope they don't donate their shoes. They seem kinda flimsy to me. TOMS lovers, confirm or deny?

Also, just for the record, my ex-roomie Laura had TOMS wayyyyyy before every Provo hipster thought they were cool. Which makes her actually cool, instead of brainlessly following trends wanting to be cool. (sorry, I think I just don't like TOMS? Probably because I do think they're cute, but I feel like I can never buy them because everyone else on campus wears them.)

In other news, I finished an awesome book today-"The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". I definitely wouldn't recommend it to just anyone (strong language, although tamer than the first two in the trilogy (probably because the main character spends 350 pages in the hospital not speaking to anyone), and some disturbing material (again less horrible than the first two, probably for the same reason)). The character that Larsson has created in Salander should be totally unlikable, but you come out of these books in love with her. She's irresponsible, she's promiscuous, she's completely unsociable, but you want her to win! You want her to crush all of her enemies! There is so much girl power in these books, it's a feminist's dream.

Anyone else ever read them? I would be gushing to Aaron, but he's golfing and didn't take his phone. So I am gushing to the world wide web instead!


amanda said...

I agree about the toms. And one thing is I hope they aren't taking away business from people in the countries who make shoes for a living.

anyways, I kinda do want to finish the series, because I agree about the charactesr. I also liked the main guy (michael?) too.

Jen said...

To Amanda - they do take away business from people in those countries. My friend Danny and I are totally anti-TOMS. Me, because I think they're ugly. Him, because he served his mission in Africa.

I've made a habit of vague song lyrics as the titles to all of my recent posts. I commend you.

Lydia said...

Yeah I'm not so sure how I feel about TOMS... probably because they look like the ugly gym shoes I had to wear for P.E. as a kid. They have some pretty cool-looking ones out there, but still. And the whole "ooh look at me I'm charitable" is... awkward. What is it called? Slacktivism.

Also, I've only read the first of the series (dragon tattoo) and I thought it was good, once I had finally gotten through the first half of the book.
Before that it seemed unnecessarily long and drawn out. But I agree on the girl power. Woohoo! Maybe I'll read the other ones after all. I guess the biggest thing that bugged me was the main guy's total lack of morality. Salander is screwed up but she rocks anyway, but the journalist (can't remember his name--mickael?) is so sleazy and unlikeable.

kylie said...

i'm totally going to read those books when i'm through with all the harry potters (again...)
also, i loved my toms for being so comfortable and i do think they are cute...but guess what they don't hold up for very long at all. i brought my christmas toms to europe and, granted, i was wearing them all day walking miles for weeks and weeks, but they were totally trashed and holey when i got back.
also how are you.