Monday, June 13, 2011

color wheel

Yesterday, I went figuratively back to elementary school art class and learned

yellow cake + blue gel colorant = greenish. not duke blue.

Oh well! Aqua is close enough for me. I'm going to learn how to properly ice the cake tonight at cake decorating class, so that should be fun.

Edit: photo of cakes in all their blue/green glory

sidenote: is anyone else sick to death of their blog layout/overall look? I realllllyyyyy am. So I made some small font changes. Mostly, I'm sick of all the little lines and boxes all over this page. Oh, and I need a new header. I think it will have to wait until finals are over on Wednesday (my last undergrad finals week ever!!!!!!)

also, I'm feeling a little bored about all of my posts lately. I can't seem to find the effort to write something thoughtful or interesting, I just keep slapping up some photos with a couple sentences. Not a fan! Pull your writing self together, Katie!


Jody Lynn said...

i've been sick of my blog for months...know how you feel.

amanda said...

I just changed my header, but I know waht you mean about fonts and boxes and such. I like the look of the "pages" at the top though. Can't wait to see a new headr! :)