Tuesday, June 14, 2011

childish rant.

I do not like psychology. I do not like my stupid ebook. I do not like my weekly quizzes. I do not like my detail oriented tests. I do not think it is a science, despite the lecture designed to convince us it is.
If dream analysis is still considered a valid activity, then I am so out of here.

Get out of my life, Sigmund Freud!!!!


Suzy said...

ebooks are the WORST. good luck. just three more days (or two if you take it tomorrow) and you're done!

Louie said...

But my dear Katie, wouldn't you just love to have people come and tell you all of their weird dreams and you can totally make up what it means? They put the power in your hand kind of like voodoo? And that's not really how it works, but I get what you are saying. It really is not valid in my opinion either. Yay to the Freud!