Thursday, November 11, 2010

plasmons and phototherapy

I am having horrible flashbacks to 391 (go here, here, or here for a taste of what that was like)
because it is 4:50 AM, and I'm still working on my paper for chem 514. It's actually pretty interesting, because wouldn'tcha know I picked an awesome group on the periodic table (copper, silver, and gold) for my topic.
There are so many cool applications of gold nanoparticles! You can do tumor cell imaging! And then proceed to selectively kill the tumor cells!

But I would really, really, really like to go to bed now.
Only 3.5 more pages...


Diane said...

so sorry.

The Kelly's said...

wait a minute.. You're telling me you went to bed post-5am? How do you look so cute after that?