Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I like how eating nothing but pizza, chocolate, and a cream cheese danish and fantasizing over buying clothes I can't afford is how I choose to be self-destructive. 

Man, I am a rebel.

If anyone is looking/knows someone who's looking for housing...well...I've got a contract that I'm desperate to sell. It's in a beautiful house a couple blocks from campus, and I'll write you a $500 bonus check if you'll buy it from me. Click here for the craig's list ad with all the info.

Thanks in advance!


Ashlan said...

I'm guessing it's single housing though?
I'll help spread the word.

Nathan said...

Hey, food is a legit way of self destructing every once in a while.
I on the other hand – thanks to a crappy biochem midterm – chose a much more expensive self destructive method... and while my geek side is excited and feels better, my wallet will be hating me soon.