Friday, November 19, 2010

pam shortt's broken both her legs and i wanna dance with you!

Last weekend was the first time since 8th grade that I've gone to Dancesport and not competed.
I almost cried, walking into the ballroom and hearing the blaring samba music and seeing everyone in fake eyelashes, fake tan, fake nails, and rhinestones. Under the pressure all of the school and wedding stuff that's been going on I haven't really had time to sit back and miss ballroom. And I didn't realize how much I really do until then. I mean, seriously, is there any better feeling than hearing your name announced as a finalist in amateur latin or standard and walking out on that floor like, Yeah I'm hot, and you know it

But here was the other thing, as I sat there watching my friends and sisters dance, I felt disconnected. That isn't my world anymore. I chose to leave on my own terms, and I picked a pretty dang good reason (*cough*Aaron*cough). 

Even if I sort of wish I could participate in all of this glamor and competition again:

So thanks ballroom, for all the good times and even the not-so-good times.
But I think I'll be a [engaged] chemist now.

*Congratulations to everyone who competed! The caliber of dancing was really excellent this year!


amanda/dave said...

That's crazy! I bet that would be really hard, but I'm glad you feel at peace with that decision. :) miss you; we should play sometime.

amanda/dave said...

and haha, is that title from that crazy ballroom movie?

Ashlan said...

Sad! I'm glad you're at peace with the decision too. It still must be very hard. That's how I feel about Orchestra a lot of the time.

And where's that "30 Days" post? :P That was looking pretty interesting and fun, but now it's deleted!

Kimkidoni said...

Strictly Ballroom! Love it.

Like Ashlan, I've felt that way with oboe too. It's hard to stop doing something, but it's great to think back on all of the successes that you've had and what your failures have taught you.