Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the ink in my veins keeps scribbling the same song

I wish I could put into words whatever it is I'm thinking. Some frustration, sadness, nostalgic, tired (as usual), sentimental...I don't know. More of the same as previous posts I guess.

Sum total: I wish I could fall asleep while watching "Pride and Prejudice" on my stadium seating we threw together for tonight's Fall of the Berlin Wall party instead of frantically reading a French book and writing a paper on it.

Too much partying the past semester, I think.


Jody Lynn said...

i know how you feel, darling. :) i think we definitely need to do lunch or something. gelato!

Diane said...

Katie you're an amazing person and you are loved by many. Please remember that.

kylie said...

way too much partying for me, too. but thanks for having us all over yesterday! it was awesome!