Monday, November 23, 2009

currently less than threeing*:

a. Candles. Not sure why, but it gives me much joy to light the little candle I bought at Smiths when I get home.
b. "Doogie Howser", the ever-so ridiculous early 90's tv show about the sixteen year old doctor. Starring Dr. Horrible, aka Neil Patrick Harris. I'm sort of in love with him. Too bad he doesn't like girls.
c. ECCE, the amazing molecular modeling software. See last post.
d. Curry. My roommates and I made some last night, and then I got to have the leftovers for lunch today. Delish!

What are your current obsessions?

*Laura asked me what this meant, and it occurred to me that probably no one but me knows...people type things like i <3 you because "<3" looks like a heart on its side, and if you say what those symbols are it's "less than three". Therefore (I feel like I'm making a mathematical proof), "currently less than threeing" is the equivalent of "currently loving".
Whew. That was a long explanation.


Kimkidoni said...

Music- Jupiter One
Show- Glee
Website- MLIA
Food- Uncooked tortillas...
Clothing- Ties
Object- Uniball Signo pens

I love curry! It's so good.

Jody Lynn said...

food: yoplait lemon yogurt & chocolate-covered peanuts
website: MLIA most def.
music: carrie underwood (her new cd is fab.)

amanda and dave said...

I gotcha <3 :)

browsing craft blogs
MLIA, for sure
thinking of christmas presents
tv online
blogging instead of homework.