Wednesday, August 19, 2009

firefly (aka I do enjoy post titles that have nothing to do with the post itself.)

I have moved.
Many thanks to Jeff, Josh, and my parents for helping carry my stuff across the parking lot from one building to the next. I'm really liking my new apartment. Why might you ask? For the benefit of Kellie and Laura who will in the future be joining me there let me elaborate.
Nicer flooring (the fake stone vinyl that's in A building)
Prettier (sort of) cabinets (off white instead of cocoa brown)
Black leather couches
Air conditioning
Bigger closets
TWO desks in every room instead of one (however, there's only one dresser...go figure...I'm going to get plastic drawers to stick under my bed for my excessive amount of clothing)

And this week I splurged a little bit at Target and bought a new 12" skillet (stainless steel with copper bottom, very pretty), and white bird salt and pepper shakers (so Martha Stewart) at the suggestion of Josh. I'm looking forward to an IKEA run sometime in the next week to get a kitchen shelving unit with hooks for pots and pans, a coat rack, and a couple of yards of fabric to sew some pillow coverings (I'm seriously on a domestic roll here).

I told my mom I knew I was an adult since I got so excited about pans.
Yep, I'm that awesome.

P.S. During the school year I want to do a foreign film night every so often since Laura and I are going in on a Netflix account/the International Cinema is just so darn accessible and fun.
You are all invited. :)


kylie said...

yes to foreign film night! i would love to come! may i bring a guest?

Katya said...

of course kylie! it'd be an open invite to whomever. :)

brown eyed girl said...

The new apartment sounds great!

I'm excited for our IKEA run. I need to buy some maybe necessary things like: cups, dishes, silverware :)

yay foreign films!

Jody Lynn said...

ikea? can i come? :)

my bamboo plant died and i would like another one.

Ash said...

I NEED TO GO TO IKEA!!! Can I come too? I need SO many things!

amanda and dave said...

yay! I think a part of me wishes I was there too! I miss that!

Ikea! have you gone yet? I totally want to go!

amanda and dave said...

h aha, yeah the "two desks per room"...bleh!

Kellie Rachelle said...

I'm so in.