Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IKEA follow up

If you would like to join me for another IKEA run (I went with my mom, sisters, and Amanda yesterday and managed to shatter the frame I got, so I've got to go back), here is the plan:

Be at my apartment (if you need my address, facebook message me) at 3:00 on Friday to carpool up there, or meet us at IKEA by 3:30-3:45 ish.

I'm thinking we could skip the showroom and go straight for the marketplace.



amanda and dave said...

oh no! is it my car/my driving's fault?? I hope not!

I'll let you know if I'm up for another run (he he, two times in two days...)

but have a great week!

Katya said...

nope, i broke it when i tried to put the poster in. silly me...grrr

brown eyed girl said...

I'm in.

Oh. And.

...See you tomorrow ;)

Jody Lynn said...

i will meet you there!

amanda and dave said...

that stinks about your frame! did you get anything good at ikea besides that the second time?