Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A night in review: Harry Potter 6

My siblings and I went and saw the "Half-Blood Prince" two nights ago at 12:35 in Burbank. Now back at home...people get a little crazy at midnight premieres. Especially at midnight premieres where there is ample opportunity for dress up. We thought we'd have some fun and go along with that a bit, so we bought white v-necks at Target and painted them with fun Harry Potter things. Becky painted "I love Harry!" in Gryffindor red and gold, Jenny painted "Ginny is my homegirl!", I painted a Ravenclaw crest and stuck a Ravenclaw quote on the back. Jeff was the only smart one and opted out of the shirt making. We show up at the theater at 11:00 wearing these over-sized, hand-painted shirts and NO ONE is wearing anything out of the ordinary. Maybe it's because all the crazies got 12:00-12:03 tickets and were already in the theaters or waiting in lines out of our sight. All I know is everyone is dressed in regular old clothes minus a few schoolgirl outfits here and there. Becky and I quickly zip up the jackets we wore just in case this should happen as we make our way to the only group of four seats left in the theatre: front row baby! aka seats so close you have to move your head to fit the screen all in.

The movie was pretty darn good I have to say, definitely one of my favorites. Seeing Daniel Radcliffe on liquid luck was probably the best part for me. Absolutely hilarious. However...I thought it was really funny that they sort of ignored the whole Half-Blood Prince part...seeing as it is the title of the movie, you'd think they'd do a bit more with that. Also, when are they finally going to make the endings sad enough?! I mean, they kill off Cedric in number four and all we got was some downtrodden and solemn looking Hogwarts students. They kill off Sirius in number five and yeah, Harry looked angst ridden, but I was still wanting more...I thought for sure that they'd get it right at last with number six, but alas, I was disappointed yet again. The most powerful wizard, the only one who really presented a challenge to Voldemort is DEAD and all you're going to do is raise your wand in remembrance (I did think that was a nice embellishment on the book and overall a lovely scene, but)?! I need some sobbing here! I want students with disbelief and fear written all over their faces! I need some What?! No! He can't be dead! He's Dumbledore! And what?! Snape killed him?! It can't be! What's going to happen to us?! Who will save us now?! Where can we turn for protection?! Voldemort's going to kill us all!!!
But I digress. Overall, nice movie. Way to go Potter people.

One last thought...
who's beyond excited for "Sherlock Holmes"? :)


Josh said...

Yeah. I would agree in general with all your comments regarding the movie. No Half-Blood Prince inferences, they totally destroyed the drama raised by Ron's insecurity of being the Keeper (The only scene we saw was his fake triumph. There were like 50-100 pages of drama regarding Ron's quidditch uneasiness!!), No FUNERAL SCENE!!!!! (That alone just boils my blood and makes me want to start throwing hexes and curses around the room), I agree with the lack of emotion but I will say the wee little actors are getting better. What really burns my britches is the fact that "Avada Kadavra" is weak sauce. There's no big explosion, no blast of impact, no bodily convulsion, no raising of lifeless form to be smashed into the earth expired, nothing. It's like someone shot a water gun filled with green colored Kool-Aid at Dumbledore and Sirius. COME ON!

So my run-down is as follows: I have enjoyed movie 6 the most thus far. However I am quite confident that I'll love 7 the most just because of the story (watch them cut out the whole "spirit world" scene in book 7. I'd revolt if they did that).

As for Sherlock Holmes... I'm still trying to figure out the allurement that you have for this movie Katie. Possibly the Jude Law figure? *cue raised eyebrow*

Josh said...

Oh, and I just remembered a few other things. There were a few more memories I would have liked to have seen. The Gaunts being one in particular.

And I forgot to add my two cents concerning certain actors... or should I say actresses? :D

Real Quick: Loved Luna. She's cute, quirky, weird and just down right funny.
Bigger than that though, Ginny.... wow.... so cute. That kissing scene... yeah, I may or may not have caught my breathe. Very good scene. So hot.

Jody Lynn said...

totally agree with you about harry being on liquid was too funny. how about ron on love potion?? this had me laughing a lot.

and seriously...NO FUNERAL SCENE! i agree with josh. that was something i neglected to mention on my blog. we need weeping...fear...etc.! i didn't cry at the end and i feel like i maybe should have.

Kimkidoni said...

The liquid luck part was my favorite, and my favorite line of the whole movie was the pincer line. So funny!

I also agree about the lack of sadness. I especially felt that with the fifth movie since Harry is supposed to be devastated with Sirius's death, and he barely seems bothered. I didn't really think the Dumbledore scene wasn't sad at first because I loved the wand thing, but I was wondering why I wasn't crying. That's why! There wasn't enough emotion.

I still love the movie though.

P.S. Dumb Burbankians

Tedi said...

Actually I wasn't a fan of the movie. It definitely wasn't the best. Maybe that's why they rated it PG, instead of PG-13. There was NOT enough action hands down!
Sherlock Holmes Sounds like a pretty good movie. Mainly cause it has Robert Downy Jr. :) I really like him. How was CA and San Fran? Chase and I were just there last week. So nice, and breezy. :)

Anonymous said...

Katie, I'm super excited for Sherlock Holmes! Can't wait to see it!

Kellie Rachelle said...

I've only read a few Sherlock Holmes short stories, but they are amazing and I can't wait to see that movie! And by the way I thought this Harry Potter movie was pretty horrible. I'll give you my very, VERY legitimate reasons when I see you later :)

kylie said...

I'M excited for sherlock holmes. like way.