Saturday, July 4, 2009

I live on the parade route

Pros of that post title:
I'm sitting in my bed watching the parade, instead of having to camp out all night (in the rain) to see it.

I was awakened at 7:30 by it.

I've watched two large blowup creatures, two horses, lots of jeeps carrying lots of veterans, three beauty queen floats, a flock of cutest baby award winners in strollers, three, no make that four marching bands and attached flag twirling squads, bunches of cars, two senators, and a group of dancers go by as I've watched through my blinds and translucent purple IKEA curtains. As much as I keep saying parades are lame, and I'd never take my kids to does look a little fun. The people throw candy into the crowd, the little kids run and pick it up, there's all this patriotic music and cheering, the floats are sparkly, it's just sort of a hokey, fun atmosphere. I love America. I think I maybe want to run for Miss [insert name of my city here]...kind would be awesome to get some more scholarship money (which of course would not be nearly worth the amount of time and effort I'd have to put in to win some, but...), and I already know what I'd do for a talent and platform. Talent: ballroom solo. Platform: getting little kids (specifically little girls) interested in science! I could do chemistry magic shows at all the elementary schools. It would be so much fun. The only problem is March is ridiculously busy for me. I'll keep thinking about it...
(Go [insert university name here]!!! The float just went by)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July.
God bless America!


Diane said...

wow you got to watch the parade....i'm kind of jealous. But I can't stand the crowds and hassle of parking etc....I mowed the lawn for bbq.

Jen said...

Are you thinking PG? Because if so, you definitely should. Terry (the director) is AWESOME and it's a really great title. Provo's not bad either, but the scholarship and wardrobe assistance for Miss Utah aren't as good.

I think you should do it. You'd be awesome.

amanda and dave said...

oh my, I never thought how perfect our window was for that! but, 7:30...yuck! that'd be so cool if you did a miss [ ]! you'd be sooooo great!

Kellie Rachelle said...

I wish I could have watched out the blinds and the curtains at 7:30 with you! well maybe not 7:30 but not getting out of bed would have been neat!