Sunday, July 26, 2009

The good, the bad, the Shakespeare

To Whom it May Concern:

We recently dined at your ********* Pizza Factory location. Living in ********, we've been to the ***** and ****** Pizza Factories many times and have thoroughly enjoyed our dining experiences there. We were looking forward to a similar experience as we went to the Shakespeare Festival in *********.

We were disappointed.

First, your waiting area has a TV with trivia and advertisements playing as guests wait. The slides are all out of order. We were informed that Mount Vernon is the cause of tsunamis, the average mosquito has George Washington amount of teeth, and the most popular boardgame in the world is "Baywatch".

But it didn't end there. Our meal started out with very bland, irregularly-shaped breadsticks. The delicious butter/garlic basting sauce that we've come to love and expect at Pizza Factory was spread over a thin ribbon of the enormous and bulging breadstick. Our waitress then brought out our salads which were drenched in so much dressing that the lettuce was soggy and the entire course was unappetizing. Perhaps leaving the dressing on the side so the diners may use it at their discretion would be a wise choice? Our pizza and pastas then arrived. The alfredo sauce was the most bland alfredo sauce I have ever tasted. At this point we were all wondering whether your kitchen stocks garlic at all. I asked for salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder (surprise, you do have some) which I used to give the dish at least a little more flavor. The marinara sauce tasted like pureed tomatoes with, again, no spice. The pizzas were delicious, although the cooks messed up our order the first time.

It is disappointing to us that the original Pizza Factory is being surpassed in quality by its secondary branches. Our suggestions: figure out your trivia, invest in a spice rack, and for goodness sake cut back on the dressing.


P.S. blog readers, account of Shakespeare Festival to come :)
Actual city names will be filled in when I mail this to the company. :P


brown eyed girl said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and am terribly sad your dinner wasn't more enjoyable. I don't think I've ever been to the Pizza Factory, actually. Note to self: don't go to the one in Cedar City. :)

amanda and dave said...

ha ha, I love a good complaint letter! Sorry the dinner was less than satisfactory!

Tedi said...

Actually that sorta happened to us at the Provo Pizza Factory. Chase and I will never go to that one again. :( now I know not to go to the Cedar City one.

Jody Lynn said...

haha...good one, katie! glad you're mailing it out. :)

Katya said...
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Josh said...

Oops! :)

Josh said...
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Katya said...

i know, i know, but at least i can attempt to be unknown, right?

Kimkidoni said...

Yay! I'm glad you used my title, and amen.