Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it snow baby, let it reindeer.

Happy 200th Post to Me!*

Christmas of 08 was quite enjoyable. I got so many kitchen-related items that Becky asked if it was Christmas or my wedding. ha. I was happy though: blender, glass cake pans with LIDS, stainless steel pan, and a KNIFE BLOCK!!! I'm leaving it all in my basement though, until I move into my cute condo/apartment with washer/dryer in Aprilish. I also got a new straightner, thank goodness because my Chi has been on the fritz since had to jiggle it around and it would often shut off randomly mid-use. Big present for my family: ROCK FREAKING BAND II. Oh yeah, it's been a blast. I made a girl named Quinn Vierge from Paris; she is totally rad.
We braved the snowstorm and made it to my grandparents' house for Christmas lunch with the rest of mom's side extended family. I love going to their house. Great food, playing games...although in recent years we haven't really had that much fun playing them...everyone's too cranky or too distracted. Anyway, it was fun.
New obsession grâce à Christmas break: House. On DVD. Becky got season 1 for her birthday (Dec 17th) and season 2 for Christmas, Jeff got season 3 for Christmas, so I have plenty of viewing material!!! It's so much fun. I've been missing watching tv shows on DVD since Gilmore Girls fired Amy Sherman Palladino and then got cancelled.

It's been a great holiday so far. I look forward to much more funness to come...

*Disclaimer: If you actually tried adding up how many posts I have based on what my archive says, you'd get less than 200 because I don't actually publish all of my posts....but I still have written up 200 of them, and I am very proud of this accomplishment


kylie said...

merry christmas t yu, katie! i'm glad yu had a gd hliday! srry guess which key isn't wrkig...but t answer yur questin, i tk art histry 202 and lved it!!! als, hum. 202 cuz i tk 101 last year. i lve the humanities classes- they are fantastic!

Lancealot22 said...

Oh how we all would love to read the un-posted posts of yours!

Amanda said...

Hey sweet! Oh man, I'm kind of sad I won't get to partake of your awesome new gifts! :) House is pretty sweet. I got becoming jane, just married aaaaand PUSHING DAISIES season one. So, yeah, we'll have to party.

Congrats on the big 2 oh oh! ha ha, see ya! love ya!

~*Alina*~ said...


Where are you getting these awesome headers from???