Wednesday, December 3, 2008



All you people who've been voting in my poll (thank you very much by the way, your feedback is much appreciated), why dontcha leave me a comment or something?

It's not like I'm attention hungry or anything. :P

I made a major purchase. Photo to come shortly.


kylie said...

oh katie i love you lots. i like the basic layout of the blog, especially your wordle creation and the stuff on the side. I think the font is alittle hard to read, but other than that, i like it lots!

Amanda said...

I love your new layout! and I haven't even seen your car yet! Um...sorry I didn't even ask yesterday! I can't wait to see it!!

Jody Lynn said...

Yay for your new car! I like the layout, but I agree with Kylie. It's kinda hard to read. Love you! Can't wait to see your new car.

Ash said...

Hahaha. Sorry, I really would have commented, I just haven't gotten on in a few days. :P
i'm excited to see this major purchase... ;) Haha. :P

And.. I really rather like the font... It's different. :)