Saturday, December 20, 2008


Check out these rad headers I made while bored on Saturday night (tehe, so pathetic), and then vote on which one I should use in the poll to your right. They've all got my blog title on them and I stupidly chose to put "small" as the photo size for all of them, so to see them properly you can click on them to enlarge. Shanks!

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D:


Jody Lynn said...

How in the heck did you do this? I want to know. We're hanging out and you're teaching me these cool blog tricks, K?

Love you!

Amanda said...

Hey yeah, where did you make those?

Katya said...

well...i found all these cool photos online and i pushed print screen and then copied them into a paint document, then i just added in my blog title. super, super easy.

kylie said...

i like the option a for christmas time but i like option b for normal time. :) also, i like you :)