Friday, October 24, 2008

Just like glass

I feel so fragile.

I want to come home and make myself dinner. I want to love my classes again. I want to stop feeling guilty for every moment I don't spend with my head buried in a textbook. I want to learn concepts instead of just throwing answers on a page because it's due in two hours. I want to feel smart again.

I can't...can't I caan't take freaking physics for two and a half more semesters!!! GAH it's killing me!!

I just want to sleep for days. Wake me up when my life is back to normal, and I have good grades again please.

I miss myself.


Ash said...

Katie, you are smart.
Things will go back to normal, I promise! Your grades ALWAYS go back up. ;) I believe in you! ;) Haha. :P Love you!

~*Alina*~ said...

I hear ya... Physics is the bain of my existence. Good luck with everything!

Kristen said...

I feel your pain Katie! You can do it! Just think the semester is way more than half way over.... :-)

Anonymous said...

It'll all get better! Just think, we have nothing scheduled for team this week!!!
I say we get a few people to do something textbook-free together, so that we can force you to not feel guilty. How about a drive up the canyon or that French movie night?

Jody Lynn said...

I feel ya girl. You're can do this. I love you! Mwah!