Monday, October 27, 2008

This afternoon I had nothing that ABSOLUTELY needed to get done. It was the most delicious feeling.

Every month, I write an average of 14 or 15 posts.
It is October 27th, and I only have 7 (soon to be 8 as soon as I publish this) posts. Something is wrong with the world! How did my blogging drop off?

Oh yeah...I jettied (isn't that a great word? it just came to me) off to Washington and Oregon for 10 days and spent the week before and after that in complete academic freak out. Now I'm in academic relief/dulled freak out that will probably resurrect as soon as I get all my tests back.
Except for my D&C test which I already know my score and is the best I've done on a test all semester: 153/155.

Amazingly enough, studying until 1 AM does seem to help! At least this time around...wouldn't recommend it and will hopefully not be resorting to it in the future...and ok, it probably wasn't so much the last minute cramming as the many, many desperate prayers offered up in hopes of that result.
You do all you can and God will take care of the rest.
I can't tell you how many times that principle has popped up in my life. Thank goodness, because I could never do this chem major/French minor/ballroom dance tour team/attempt to have friends/boyfriend thing alone.

Let's see...I had something else to say...oh yeah! Election day is in a week and a day! You had all better vote, even...gah...ok, I guess I'll say this...even if you're voting for Obama. Voting is our civic duty as American citizens and we should feel privileged to have that opportunity. Now, go take advantage of it! I'll be partying it up with Fox News and some sort of red, white, and blue dessert all night. Go McCain/Palin!

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Amanda said...

Cute layout!
I'm glad you have a billion and five tags because I was starting to feel bad I had so many. I like tagging things.
NOBAMA! Yay for our party!!
I think you're amazing for trying to do all the things you do...and you do so well at it all! I love you!