Thursday, October 30, 2008

France, here I come?

I went to the French majors/minors meeting today and got some saddening information:
They don't do summer term study abroad programs.
Being a member of the ballroom tour team means you rehearse all fall and all winter semesters and then tour during the spring term. So my only hope to get to do study abroad in Paris was to go summer term, and that is apparently not an option.
I guess I'll just have to go on my own. I have the money already set aside, I have a mother fluent in French who wants to come, and I have three weeks in July or August. I can either go this summer after I tour the East Coast with the team, or I can wait until the summer after that, when I'll already be in Germany/Austria with the team, and I can just stay in Europe for the rest of the summer. OR, I could just up and quit ballroom already and spend the rest of my life in France. :)
Anyway, I'm seriously considering putting together a trip to France/Europe next summer. Anyone interested in coming?


Kim Allred said...

I would love to, but can't. Utah State has a summer French program. Bwa ha ha. Go Aggies!

kylie said...

katie do it! go to france!

Jody Lynn said...

I'd love to go, espically if there will be two people tagging along who speak french. How much are we talking here? I kinda need to know now so I can save my money, and let my work know I won't be there for three weeks. :)

Katya said...

That is a very good question Jody. Haha, let's see...the flight will probably be close to $1,000. Food for three weeks at $10/meal (have no idea if that's accurate) $630. Hotel...gosh, have no idea how much hotels in Europe cost...ummm, maybe another 2,000 for that? Plus miscellaneous expenses like metro passes, train tickets, museum and attraction fees, souvenirs, etc, I'm thinking it'll be around $5,000...? I don't know...must do more research.

~*Alina*~ said...

ouais! Allons-y!

Ash said...

I want to come!

Kind of short on money though. But let me know. :) I'd LOVE to go. I'll figure it out if it's really happening.

Jody Lynn said...

$5000...eesh...I was thinking more around $3000. I don't know if I'll be able to go by next summer.