Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Errr...(I'm feeling British today)

You know, I'm almost constantly writing blog posts in my head (anyone else do that?), but I really can't think of anything to say. I've been really lazy politically lately....have been deleting all of my Washington Post emails without even reading them, barely skimming my Glenn Beck newsletter, and I've got 6 (maybe 8? can't remember) Bill O'Reilly podcasts to which I have yet to listen.
Pretty much I've been doing exactly what I wished for some four months ago. My time is equally split between practice at the RB and working in the lab (although it's been a little tipped to the RB side lately...).
And now I have to go back to practice.
This post really didn't have any point, it's just been a few days since I've written anything publishable...I wrote a couple of things earlier this week, but they were definitely only meant for my eyes.

Vegas comp is in: 1 day
Embassy is in: 14 days
I move into my apartment in: 14 days
Classes start in: 19 days

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amanda said...

ha ha I always write posts in my head. yeah he saw a dip and was riding with one hand...and he braked too hard, therefore causing the problem he was trying to prevent...a fall! Bummer. He got a CT today to see if he needs surgery!

GOOD LUCK!! Can't wait to move in (for the millionth time)