Friday, September 14, 2012

this is a post about posts

I wrote a list of things I want to write about, but haven't gotten around to yet:

Mom sticking it to the MAN (also known as the school district),

delicious food pictures,

my conflicted feelings on Trader Joe's and the Rittenhouse Square Saturday farmers market,

the 6 inches of split ends I have currently and my reluctance to make a hair appointment (Philly people- salon recommendations?),

Aaron making homemade ricotta cheese against my wishes,

my lack of friends who've read Game of Thrones (which I can't in good conscience actually recommend to anyone, but I need to talk to someone about these stupid books that I CANNOT STOP READING),

listening to people in lab bash on Republicans for half an hour ("I f'ing hate them") and now I want to hang up a Romney poster above my desk just to be spiteful,

flirting with switching over to Wordpress. Oops, I sort of already did:

I better start writing.

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amanda said...

I really would like to hear about all of these. Well I have plenty of time. Maybe I will read them? Also, fancy...Wordpress! And extra curious about trader joes. I like the store cause they have good food (and a lot of their stuff is cheaper than the downtown Fred Meyer) but I know I don't fit in with anyone that shops there. And I think some of their stuff is better quality but maybe that is just advertising?