Monday, September 24, 2012

everything's not lost

I realized the other day when I was lost in blog stalking land that when I discover the blog of someone I used to know, I like it when I can quickly ascertain what they're up to these days.

So, here you go, stalkers. This is what I'm up to these days:

Aaron's back in school, I am back in TAing (no more classes forever!). I'm the head TA for the gen chem lab this semester, and I sort of like it a lot. Today Aaron took his first test of the semester: cardiology. It's his hobby (or at least that's what he said on a get-to-know-you sheet in organic chemistry class several years ago), and he's Aaron, so he probably rocked it. We met up for lunch and got macarons at my beloved Sugar Philly dessert truck. I'm doing some pretty fun things in lab trying to get my protein crosslinked intramolecularly, and it's making lots of lovely colors. The lovely colors are probably a bad sign, but I'm enjoying it, and that's [not actually] what counts [in grad school]! This weekend we're going to a church party and my labmate/mentor's wedding. My last post aside, I really love parties, especially ones where you get to dance (wedding!!!).

Also, I really like the Coldplay song that is the title of this post.
And...that's all I have to say tonight.

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