Sunday, September 23, 2012

the night's watch

I went to a party at a chemistry friend's house last night, and I couldn't find a single person who had read Game of Thrones, which was all I really wanted out of that evening. Instead, everyone talked about alcohol, and I watched some people play Duck Hunt on an original Nintendo. Kind of a bummer. I think I was better at BYU parties.


Sara said...

You were super great at BYU parties! And I'm sure you're great at Penn parties.

Jenny said...

Wish we could talk about Game of Thrones. I'm assuming you like it? Alex and I are addicted! We just finished watching the second season for the second time. We've read books 1-4. I'm saving book 5. Did you see my picture with him? I got to "meet" him at the ALA conference. Librarians know how to have fun!