Thursday, August 30, 2012


We are really getting into this cooking thing lately. As in, Aaron was this close to buying a pasta maker this afternoon before I sort of talked him out of it ($70! Too much!), and I asked my mom for a Thermapen thermometer for Christmas (I will make perfect caramel if it kills me).

Here's what we've been making:

chicken tikka masala
no-knead pizza dough
banana cream pie from scratch (with this pie crust)
pumpkin carrot cake with candied hazelnuts
ravioli from scratch
whole wheat bread

Aaron found an Indian market not too far from campus and that's where we got our magical garam masala, whole ginger, and basmati rice. I now want to eat basmati rice instead of normal rice for any rice-containing dish. Burritos? Basmati. Chicken stir fry? Basmati. Risotto? Basmati. Just kidding.

Also, while we're talking about cooking, Sara showed me this amazing website called Ziplist that you can use to save recipes on any website (no pictures required, unlike Pinterest), and I am loving it. No one sees what I'm "pinning" so I don't feel stupid about pinning (ziplisting? clipping! I think it's called clipping) 8 chocolate cake recipes in the course of a half hour. It also has a nifty meal planning functionality so you can keep track of what you're cooking when.

This weekend we're going fruit picking again so we can make a peach pie. We also have some super ripe bananas, so banana bread? I guess it's a fruit dessert weekend. What are you making?


amanda said...

yum! banana cream pie is so good. and that indian food sounds delicious. and I will have to try that rice!

and haha, I wouldn't mind seeing 8 types of chocolate cake to choose from! mel's kitchen cafe has ziplist and I signed up but haven't used it since. maybe I will revisit.

hmm...I feel like we haven't made anything that was so good it was worth reposting (unless I did). I want to try something really I'll have to make one of your recipes! yum.

and my grandma gave me a candy thermometer a while back and it was so helpful when we made those apple cider caramels. HOWEVER, unless you're making a ton of caramel, we found that it wasn't accurately reading the temperature because it wasn't as submerged as it maybe should be (and you don't want it to be on the bottom of the pan). so seriously, stir like crazy to circulate the heat. and end novel. :)

amanda said...

also we are out of everything (seriously, it's ridiculous) so...waiting until september 1st to restock and get back to cooking :)

Kristen said...

Homemade ravioli, risotto, chicken tikka masala! Wowza! You two are gourmet! I made some Chicken gyros last week that were tasty! Happy peach pie making!

Sara said...

With a thermapen, you can master anything! Well any meat or candy. But definitely listen to Amanda and stir like crazy.

I'm glad you like Ziplist! Also thanks for posting that risotto recipe. I'm excited to try it!

jackie said...

i'm so impressed. we made pizza the other night, with a store bought crust, store bought sauce and same mozz cheese from a bag and i felt like a rockstar. so quit your braggin.

but seriously, i'm gonna use all of these recipes. keep em coming.

naomi said...

I have a pasta attachment for my kitchen aid and it is cool. You should ask Santy Claus for one (or borrow mine!) Also, I need to lend you a book.