Monday, August 6, 2012

yet another picasa collage!

A couple weekends ago, I went up to New York to visit my friend Laura who's living in the city for the summer (and maybe longer?!), doing an internship. It was so much fun! We had many adventures, from getting semi-lost in a sketchy part of Williamsburg to wandering into a Jewish neighborhood to feasting upon delicious banana pudding (>> cupcakes) from Magnolia Bakery to a lightning fast visit to the Met. 
Basically, it was exactly the Saturday in New York I was looking for. 
Thanks for playing with me, Laura! :)


amanda said...

hey, I like the collages. So fun! And your hair is so long (not that it was ever really short?)!

So cool you live so close to cool places!

Laura C said...

yay! It was so fun to see you, even though we ended up in the lame-er part of Williamsburg, haha. Thanks for coming to see me!