Saturday, May 12, 2012

how many treats can we eat in one day?

My cousin Sasha was in town for the weekend, so we had another go at being tourists in Philly! I think we had quite the lovely itinerary, actually, if you're ever debating about what to do in the city:
Roast beef sandwiches for lunch at DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market, plus chocolate truffles from some Amish people for dessert
Capogiro gelato for second dessert
Shopping on Walnut (buying Sasha a new iPod charger and some things for Sash at H&M. I coveted but did not buy some mint green skinny jeans.)
People/dog watching at Rittenhouse Square
Cupcakes at Pamcakes for third dessert
Dinner at home, nail painting and SNL skit watching.

All in all a wonderful Saturday! Thanks Sash!

(sidenote: look how long my hair is getting! Too bad at least the last six inches are pure split ends! Also, I'm thinking about growing out my bangs. Good idea or no?)


amanda said...

So fun!! I want to come :). Ooh I bought some mint pants (they are crops? Is that the right word?) there for $13! Are those the ones you saw?

I love your hair! Hmm, I love your I vote no! (not that it would be a bad idea)

amanda said...

And ps you do tucked in shirts so well!!

Jody Lynn said...

cute! cute! cute! i really need to get out there sometime to visit. this spring just didn't work out. maybe as a graduation gift??? your hair is so long it makes me jealous! and i vote growing your bangs out.

wildchild said...

ooh looks like lots of fun! also, i'm a fan of the bangs, but having them grown out would make getting ready much easier. or at least, it does for me. soooo do that :)

Jenny said...

This is the third try to post a comment! Hope it doesn't go through three times. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it sounds like you guys had a great time. Sasha loved every minute. Thanks for being such a wonderful cousin and niece. I can't believe you got Sasha inside a clothing store! So glad you were able to impart some fashion tips. Now come to SF and help me out! (p.s. I vote for the bangs.)