Tuesday, May 29, 2012

you decide!

Which is stupider:

a) the fact that the show "Dance Moms" exists
b) the fact that my sisters and mom and I can't stop watching it


Also, I saw a pin today on pinterest (been too long since I've complained about that, huh!) showing frozen yogurt drops, as in, take your yogurt, pipe it onto a cookie sheet, freeze it, and eat it. Why do you need to freeze your yogurt in small drops? A 100 calorie thing of Yoplait light is too much for you to handle so you have to portion it out? Or you just think it's cute to waste 20 minutes of your life freezing little yogurt drops?

I'm kind of tired tonight. Can you tell?


amanda said...

Haha, ok, so, once I did the yogurt pipe thing. I think the main advantage is it is now a different texture (Popsicle-y) and you can eat it with your fingers. Cause, you know, a spoon.

Yeah, never did it again. I probably repinned it even. Don't hate me!

Naomi Martineau said...

I keep telling myself that I watch that show for the snippets of dancing...I don't need to face reality right?

Jody Lynn said...

i'd be too impatient to make yogurt drops.