Thursday, May 6, 2010

purple, black, and blue for you

This started out as a post about the p90x I've been doing every morning at 6 AM with a bunch of chemistry friends and Shannon from dance, but it somehow morphed into a long plug for:

Blackpool Pre Tour Show! Next Saturday, May 14th!

Tickets are $12.00 and yesterday the box office released all of the really good reserved seats that the dancers' families didn't buy, SO you should all run over to the HFAC and purchase some tickets because this show is going to be incredible. The latin medley rocks because we have giant shiny discs for skirts and feathers up the front and back of our dresses, the music is incredible (thank you Mr. Kurt Bestor) and Cirque de Soleil-esque, and we have absolutely amazing choreography (thank you Eugene and Maria!). Also, I am a bookend, and by bookend I mean I get lifted way up in the air at the very beginning and very end of the routine, waving my arms around and looking intense and exotic. So, if for nothing else, please come and watch me in my two moments of glory.

Seriously guys, the medley will never look this good again. And this is probably the peak of the peak of my dancing ability (am planning on being done with individuals after Blackpool) so...if you are my friend...and are still around for the would really mean a lot if you could come watch.

I hurt from the lethal combo of p90x and 3-6 hours of dance every day.
But it is all worth it, right?
I just wish you all could see the bruises on my legs (I am in serious pain from the preparation for the Pre Tour Show! Look at the sacrifice I'm making for you to see some rad dancing! Do not make me suffer in vain!). They are everywhere, and it is really funny.

And...that's all I have to say about that.


amanda & dave said...

I'm dyyyyying to go!

kylie said...

i am coming and i'm doing my best to sell it out for you!!! :)

Kimkidoni said...

Ha ha, okay, you've convinced me. I'll try to come, but do you mean Friday the 14th or Saturday the 15th?

Jody Lynn said...

i wish i wasn't so poor. seriously. i'll see what i can do. ;)