Thursday, May 13, 2010


I just wanted to say that I am very proud of myself for getting an article in the Daily Universe for National Lab Day, and for getting fliers taken to 15 schools in the area.

Go VP of publicity.

And I also find it highly amusing that my lab made it into the Police Beat yesterday.
(a piece of tape on top of one of our oven started smoking and a janitor saw it, freaked out, called the fire department)

Also...I leave for Europe in two weeks from tomorrow.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Ah. Ah. Ah.
I am simultaneously ecstatic and terrified.

Before I leave, I need to:
have another India night
write up my abstract for the paper I'm writing while I'm there (although, really? making me write the abstract before I'm done with or even started the paper? That is ridiculous and counterproductive.)

If you were leaving the country for 3 months, what would you do before you leave? I feel like I need to fill up my reserve of American-ness, eat some apple pie or something.

OH! And I saw "Iron Man 2" last week, and ohmygoshIlovedit.
The cast was great. Can I just say I am so impressed with Robert Downey Jr.'s ability to make Tony Stark, who is totally selfish and self-destructive in this movie, very charming and very likable? Pure awesome. I did think Scarlett Johannson's character was sort of unnecessary besides the fact that she had a fab scene of taking out a bunch of guys.

Anyway...please excuse the randomness of this post. If you have any thoughts on Europe, my incredible accomplishments with Y Chem (ha), things to do before I go, Iron Man 2, etc, feel free to share. :)


amanda & dave said...

the randomness of the post calls for a lot of comments:
1. IRON MAN! we can't WAIT to see it
2. EUROPE! hmm, I'd eat some pie and bask in the mountains and...visit the capital, of course :)
3. police beat rocks.
4. india night! when we all return we gotta watch that one movie (the title is escaping me...) gogol!
5. way to go with the publicity!
6. wahoo! have fun packing, etc!

kylie said...

i also have a lot to say about this post!
1. INDIA NIGHT. next week. wednesday? thursday? whenever? we can make this happen.
2. europe. um, just get stoked out of your mind if you aren't already. don't worry about doing american stuff before you go.
3. iron man. really, i loved it and i loved that you came. it was totally fab. love rdj.
and, i love you. :)

brown eyed girl said...

Come visit more often!
Invite me to India Night!

write on your secret blog? (we never get the late night updates anymore...;()

brown eyed girl said...

oh and come to the farmer's market this saturday!

Ashlan said...

Go Camping and/or boating. I cannot stress thst enough. Even if you have to take 4 hours and do your paper while sitting in the wilderness listening to the birds and basking in the sun's warmth with the wind blowing through your hair, do it.
Seriously, go now. And send some wonderful wildlife thoughts my way while you're there, please. ;)